How to Prevent a Flooded Home

If you live in a flood-prone area or just want to be prepared for upcoming storms, it’s important to learn how to prevent a flooded home. Although a natural disaster could always strike, knowing and following these tips can help you keep your home safe. Water damage Milwaukee provides the following tips.

Make Changes to Your Property to Allow for Proper Draining

On a regular rainy day, take a look at the exterior of your property. Look at how the water naturally flows around your home, and take notes. Then, consider adjusting the slope of the property near your home to help accommodate for this. For example, adding extra soil in overly soaked areas can help, and grading your lawn at a slight slope so that water can run away from your home can both help more than you probably think.
Install Foundation Vents

Foundation vents that are installed along the foundation of your home can help prevent water from rising within your home. You will need to add at least two foundation vents on each side of your home to enjoy the maximum benefit.

Clear Your Gutters

Make sure that you clear out your gutters; you don’t want them to get overfilled, which could cause them to flood your roof. Also, check your drains and downspouts for the same reason.

“Dry Proof” Your Walls

Head to a home improvement or hardware store, and pick up a couple of buckets of sealcoating. Then, apply this sealcoating to all of your walls. Although this step might not prevent a flooded home, it can work well to keep your walls well-protected in the event that water does get into your home.

Keeping your home protected against flooding is important, especially if you live in an area that is prone to flooding. Just remember these tips to prevent a flooded home, and you are sure to help prevent costly damage from occurring to your house.