4 Types Of Tow Trucks And How They Work

There are many types of tow trucks recommended to tow a Cadillac. The type of tow truck that’s used for a situation depends on a number of factors. With that said, it’s a good idea to know what kind of tow trucks there are. Below is a short list of the different kinds of trucks use by towing companies such as Honolulu Towing.

1. Flatbed Trucks– One of the most commonly used tow trucks in the world are flatbed trucks. This type of truck has a long bed that has a flat top. The flatbed is moved upwards and/or downwards via hydraulics.

Flatbeds are very easy to use because all you have to do is drive your car up the ramp. They are also used when vehicles have roadside problems or if they’ve been involved in an accident. Flatbed tow trucks are often used to transport various types of vehicles, such as boats and motorcycles. It’s worth pointing out that flatbeds are one of the safest methods of towing a vehicle.

2. Integrated Tow Trucks– These types of tow trucks are designed for heavy-duty purposes. They are ideal for transporting buses and other rigs. Integrated tow trucks

Integrated tow trucks are equipped with additional axles. This is so they have more strength and stability. Not only that, but the arm of the truck is embedded deep into the truck’s core, which is another reason why it can be used for heavy-duty jobs. This is the ideal tow truck if you have to tow heavy duty rigs and vehicles, such as buses and trucks.

3. Hook & Chain Trucks– Hook and chain tow trucks are designed to tow all types of cargo. In the past, they were used by many people, but a lot of pressure is placed on the vehicles it is transporting. This is why hook and chain trucks are no longer widely used.

If you are planning to transport a car that is wrecked to the junkyard, then go ahead and use a hook and chain tow truck. This is because wrapped chain can scratch or damage vehicles. Also, they can damage the drive-train, which is another reason why you shouldn’t use this tow truck to transport vehicles that are in good condition.

4. Wheel-Lift Trucks– These trucks function in a similar way to hook and chain trucks. However, the chains have metal yokes and they don’t cause a lot of damage to the vehicles they are towing. The yoke is hooked under the front wheels or the rear wheels. In order to lift the vehicle off the ground, the tow truck uses a hydraulic lift or a pneumatic hoist.

Keep in mind that wheel-lift trucks are not as safe as flatbed trucks. However, they are usually less expensive. This is why some people still use them.

Those are the different types of tow trucks and what they are used for. Whether you plan on buying or using a tow truck, it’s good to know what kind there are. Just consider what you need it for before choosing which kind of truck you should buy.

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